Ideally you would perform all of the stretches in our guide to Hip Flexor stretches, but you may not always have the time or the need for a full routine. In a situation like this, you should turn to this tried and trusted stretch that will hit your main muscles of the group, the Iliopsoas, as well as some of your secondary Hip Flexor muscles like the tensor fascia latae.

The Best Hip Flexor Stretch to do Every Day

I’ve added a picture below of what the best Hip Flexor stretch looks like. It’s very simple, but very effective.

the best hip flexor stretch

Steps to Perform:

1. Get into a lunge position (front knee should not pass over toes)

2. Keep your hips as even as possible and gently lean forward at the hip (of the leg that is in front)

3. For an added stretch, lean slightly back at the hips

modified hip flexor stretch

4. Variation for maximum stretch: Reach your arm up and over your head (try not to tilt your upper body)

Always go to the point of a stretch, but never to the point of pain. Hold your stretches for at least 10 seconds, but feel free to go longer if you are able to. Finally, it’s important to perform all stretches on both sides of the body to keep your muscles balanced.