One of the best ways to loosen tight Hip Flexors and make it easy to stretch your Hip Flexors on a regular basis is to do yoga that specifically targets these muscles. Yoga is great not only for stretching, but for putting your muscles through a natural and wide range of motion that will improve your mobility.

Free Yoga Class for Hip Flexors

There are many types of yoga, most will benefit your Hip Flexor even if it’s not specifically designed for that. Feel free to take classes at your local gym or yoga studios.

Free Short Class (~10 minutes)

Here is great little mini-yoga session that would be good to do in the morning or night when you’re squeezed for time.

Full Yoga Classes

Here’s one that’s 70 minutes long and is focussed on the hips.

There are many other free classes on that I recommend.

Other Ways to Use Yoga

What if you’re not a fan of yoga or don’t have time for a full session? One alternative is to use some of the best yoga poses for Hip Flexors and incorporate them into your stretching routine. Here is a video with some of the best ones you can do:

Remember that yoga is a tool, just like stretching or foam rolling that can be used for better health, the key is to do things that you enjoy on a regular basis to get long-term results.