Hipflexor injury occur mostly when people don’t take the necessary preparation steps when looking at doing physical activity.This can be sports, leisure or work.

The basic skill is to know your own body: prevention of all, and certainly hipflexor injuries start with yourself.

First don’t take on things that are outside of your comfort zone when unprepared. We all know that small steps outside your normal training helps you grow, but a to big leap can cost you dearly.  A proper development or training plan, put together by a professional trainer, physiotherapist or the likes needs to be in place and followed. We see most sports injuries, and especially lower back injuries caused by insufficient training and preparation. so that is in our opinion step one.


Second: Before starting the real work, start your routine either at work or in training with a thorough warm-up. As a lot of the lower back injuries are hip flexor related,  at work before lifting any heavy objects or high reaches: start the day with a few warm-up exercises and stretches. As the hip flexors are hidden within the body, it is a tough muscle to train for specifically or to stretch. The real training would be part of a combination of revs of the surrounding muscles that help also strengtening the hip flexor muscles (iliopsoas): lower back and abs training routines, squats to strengthen the tights and buttocks.

Third: repeat. 3-4 times a day, specifically after a break it is recommended to do a few, 3-5 stretches an d warm-ups as your muscles can stiffen during your break.  Also when your back is feeling stiff  this would be recommended.

So if you want to prevent injuries and hipflexor injuries especially:

  • Train correctly and with supervision
  • Warm-up and dont forget your hip flexor muscles before starting
  • Do a short warmup or stretch session after breaks

If real problems keep occuring or if in any doubt consult a professional!